Buying Guide for Cheap Carpet

Buying guide for cheap carpet

Carpet is a major decor element in any home. However, quality carpets can be quite expensive. With so many varieties available in the market, choosing the right flooring can seem an overwhelming task. This guide aims to help buyers find affordable yet durable carpet options. It discusses various carpet fiber types, constructions, patterns, and tips for getting the best value. Following some basic guidelines can help one obtain a carpet that lasts for years without breaking the bank.

Fiber Type

The fiber used is one of the primary determinants of carpet cost. Nylon is the most affordable option and very durable as well. It is stain-resistant and does not get damaged by wear and tear easily. Polyester is also cheap but less hardy than nylon. Wool looks luxurious but is more pricey. Avoid lesser-known synthetic fibers, as their quality usually needs to be more consistent. Nylon and polyester blended carpets provide good value due to their combination of looks and functionality at low prices.

Density and Pile Height 

The higher the carpet density, the thicker and more luxurious it will feel underfoot. However, denser carpets also cost more. For affordable options, look for carpets with pile density between 4,000-6,000 ounces per square yard. Carpets with shorter pile height, like cut piles or low-pile, also come at throwaway prices. Loop pile carpets feel softer but are slightly costly. Check the density and pile structure specifications carefully to identify cheap carpets that still offer decent thickness.

Construction Type 

Tufted carpets can be very reasonably priced due to their mass production. Machine-woven carpets have a more handmade feel but are relatively expensive. For budget-friendly options, choose basic cut-pile or loop pile structure tufted carpets. Embossed, stamped or intricate patterns increase the manufacturing complexity and labour, making them costlier. Stick to simple carpets with little design work if looking for affordability. Their construction method and design simplicity ensure low prices.

Backing Material

The backing used at the carpet rear impacts its durability and price. Carpets with synthetic fiber backings hold up well under heavy foot traffic. However, they are slightly more expensive than those with jute backings, which are the most affordable. Jute feels rougher but works fine for low to moderate-traffic areas. Avoid carpets with just rubber or foam backings, as these cannot withstand wear over the long term. Opt for synthetic or jute backings for value buys that last longer.

Installation Method 

Carpets suited for professional installation generally have extra underlay or padding included, making them pricier. At the same time, quality installation is important for long carpet life. To save money, choose carpets that can be laid with DIY ‘stick-and-lock’ methods. These come without underlays, saving some costs if installed over existing flooring. Opt for easy-fit modular carpet tiles if a do-it-yourself installation is preferred for maximum budget advantage.

Warranty Offered

Cheap only sometimes means poor quality. Check the manufacturer warranty period offered, as this provides an idea about the carpet’s expected lifespan. Most affordable carpets come with 2-5 year warranties. Avoid those with more than one year of coverage or none at all. Opt for options guaranteeing at least three years against manufacturing defects like delamination or shed ding to get the best value. Fibre and artistry warranties higher than industry standards indicate the maker’s confidence in product quality and durability.


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